Sagamore's Annual Benefit for Historical Preservation

Sagamore Institute of the Adirondacks is the steward of Great Camp Sagamore and is dedicated to its use for education and interpretation. Our mission is to foster understanding, care, and respect for nature, people and their critical interdependence. Great Camp Sagamore strives to be a place where broad and diverse audiences gather to use these unique buildings and natural setting to explore and understand our Adirondack culture, environment, and relationship to both.

As the steward of the 27 National Landmark historic buildings of the upper and lower complexes we hold an annual benefit gala at the Camp. Our benefit is a fun tradition filled with surprises, friends and great conviviality. We are always delighted to hear that our benefit is one of the "fun ones"!

The 2017 benefit is Saturday evening August 5th. 

If you'd like to stay at Sagamore for the full weekend , please contact the camp for room availability.  Guests can arrive starting at 3 PM on Friday, August 5th. There will be a special reception by the boat house that evening, dinner in the dining hall and a special camp fire and other activities over the weekend.  

The Saturday Benefit  begins at 4:30 with a cocktail reception and silent auction at the Playhouse.   We will showcase both a silent auction and a live auction featuring Adirondack-made pack baskets and artisan-made objects, vintage items, special tours, fine wines and a variety of other items.  

A seated dinner will follow with special musical performances and live auction. 

Dinner will be followed by dancing, more music, port and cigars. 
Come for conviviality, new friends and community while contributing to this very special place.

Please contact us either via email ( or phone 315.354.5311 x1021 to make reservations to join us for a fun and memorable weekend that benefits our wonderful Great Camp.

Ticket Prices:
Stay at Camp for our Benefit Weekend: Room and board from Friday through Sunday breakfast is $300 per person (Does not include the Gala Dinner).

Benefit Gala: Includes a cocktail reception, silent auction, live auction, seated dinner followed by port and cigars with live music is $200 per person.