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Grandparents & Grandchildren Camp Adventure

A program for Grandparents and their Grandchild (ages 6-9).  Enjoy a week that is filled with environmental activities, woods walks, water fun and so much more!  Together we will explore the forest, waters, soils and look for birds and other animals as we learn about the Adirondack surroundings. 

This Grandparents Camp brings families together in a unique natural setting in the Adirondack wilderness. With your grandchild, experience a memorable adventure tailored to all interests and skill levels while enjoying a fun, educational adventure in a camp that is not a hotel, but a piece of Adirondack history.  Enjoy music all week from folk musician Dan Duggan, environmental activities with special guest George Steele, canoeing and water fun, games, hikes, and so much more.

For more information on our guest instructors, please view their websites: Dan Duggan and George Steele

Starting at $729

Road Scholar Program #4977