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Basket-Making Day Classes

A special double-basket weekend as expert basket maker Linda Sherz teaches us this long-time Adirondack craft.  These classes are for local participants not needing room and board.

Saturday we will be making a casserole dish (complete with cover), and Sunday we will be making a Baby Packbasket.  Class times are Saturday (Casserole Basket) from 9 am - 5 pm, and Sunday (Baby Pack Basket) 9 am - 4 pm.  A bagged lunch will be provided for participants on Sunday. 

To learn more about our instructor Linda Scherz, please view her website, and check out our separate page highlighting the basket classes.

Includes supplies for both baskets, instruction both days and 2 days lunches 

$200 (Both Baskets)

Casserole Dish Only

$145 (Saturday Class) 

Baby Pack Basket Only

$60 (Sunday Class)

Call to Register:  518-796-5823 (Nov-April): or 315-354-5311 x1021 (May-Oct).